Why Start a Business Blog?

VIDEO: Why Start a Business Blog?

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So everybody tells you that you should have a corporate blog.

And you wonder why?

The simple reason is, it’ll both SAVE and MAKE you money.

Here are 4 very compelling facts you should know about business blogs…


70% of your clients would prefer to get information about your business through blog articles, than through advertising.

Source: Contentplus.co.uk


Business-to-Business companies with blogs get an average of 67% more leads every month than B2B businesses that don’t blog.

Source: SocialMediaB2B.com 

Fact 3:

In 2012, creating web content proved to be the single most effective way to get websites to rank high in Search Engines like Google – 53% better than any other tactic.

SOURCE: MarketingSherpa.com


Marketing your business through relevant, interesting web content, for example blogs, costs 62% less than traditional marketing.

SOURCE: Demandmetric.com


But what does this mean TO YOU?

Well, if you provide your clients with interesting, exciting, relevant and useful blog articles on your website…

  1. You will establish yourself as an industry authority…
  2. Your clients will value what you are offering and stay longer on your website…
  3. They will keep RETURNING to your website…
  4. They will recommend your website to others…
  5. Your website will get more and more traffic…
  7. You will get more and more potential clients…
  8. You will make more and more money…
  9. With half the marketing costs.

Good, huh?

So just write about what you’re passionate about – and reap the benefits!

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