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Cool sites to inspire your writing: Make your own Marvel comic strip

Fancy making your own comic strip?

When a designer friend told me about Marvel’s create-your-own-comic page, I dropped everything and headed straight over.

At the site you can effectively build your own story board, ranging from 1 or 2-square mini strips to a full 22-page book.

When you’re done, just save it, download it, embed it…


…or print it. It’s all yours, for free, as long as you register.

The Marvel comic builder allows you a choice of characters, backgrounds, speech bubbles and cool sound effects (Fwoosh! Whump! Klang!) that are easy to drag, drop and size up.

Why am I blogging this?

Well, it’s no coincidence that many advertising creatives and film directors work with story boards to create early visual realities for their narratives. Comics also allow you to give a beginning/middle/end structure to your piece, plan dynamic action sequences, as well as help you to develop three-dimensional characters.

The downside? If you’re a comic loving work-procrastinator like me, this site could be potential hell.

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