Hats off to Thomas tTyon, writer

Hats off to Thomas Tryon

Thomas Tryon, engraving by Robert White

Thomas Tryon was a shepherd in rural 17th Century England.

What’s he got to do with blogging?

Well, the guy was a writer genius and a self-starter – like many bloggers today are.

Thomas had never received an education as a child and he could not read or write. As a teenager he realised that the only way to get forward in life was through literacy. So he sold one of the two sheep he owned and paid a man to teach him how to read and write.

He definitely picked it up! He became an author and eventually published 27 “self-help” books on various topics – including vegetarianism, alcohol abstinence and education.

Bear in mind, that in those days you had to kill a goose to get quills for writing, and order your paper from France… no iMacs or smartphones back then!

Pretty darn good for a shepherd boy.

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