And the winners are…

As promised, here’s a little info about the two lucky peeps who won my June competition.

Both get 500 words of web content (or indeed any other text) totally FREE.

One of the winners is Rachid from the UK. He is a graphic designer, who also creates front end graphics for apps and websites. In his spare time he’s a multi-talented man who brews beer and tends to a very large vegetable plot at the bottom of his garden. The day I contacted him, he had apparently been busy propping up his perilously sagging raspberries…! Rachid is also fit as a fiddle and just ran his first mountain marathon last week in North Wales. Nice! You can find out more about Rachid’s fab work at The Upright One’s Facebook Fan Page.

Our other joint winner, Stephen, is a bit of a petrol head. Well, in my books anyway, because he rides motorbikes, plus he’s dead talented at fixing anything on wheels with a motor. Stephen hails from Gibraltar and was watching a Star Wars film when I contacted him to say that he’d won the competition. I hope you got to watch the end of the film, Stephen? Although he is not really quite sure what on earth he is going to do with these 500 words yet, I hope he’ll find a good purpose for them. Maybe he’ll let me create a wee website for him?

So there we are. Congratulations to both, and I’ll post more details about the projects each winner gives me at a later date.

Have a great summer week you all.

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