how to write good blog titles

Tip – How to Write Good Blog Titles

Woman Using Laptop and Cell PhoneSome writers like to use long titles that contain all the keywords that might bring traffic to an article or post. Other recommend short titles. So which is best?

Perhaps the balanced approach is to title blog posts as people would search for them on Google.

For example, if somebody was looking for tips on writing content, they might type in “How to write high quality content” or “Tips for quality content writing”. Use one of those as a blog post title and you can’t go too far wrong.


2 thoughts on “Tip – How to Write Good Blog Titles”

  1. Once you are a blogger, don’t mixed things up. Think of what other people think, use words that are commonly used. I agree with you Johanna, that you must optimize your blog title in order to be searched easily.


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