pinterest for business

Pinterest for Businesses

Red and Clear ThumbtacksWith pinning now as popular as Tweeting, you might want to consider Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business. Companies using Pinterest create virtual ‘pin boards’ that have a relationship with their product or brand.

How can we make the most of Pinterest for business?

  • Set goals: decide what your business wants to achieve with Pinterest. You may wish to promote brand awareness by highlighting your company policies – maybe your company is eco-friendly, for instance. In this case, you might want to pin images of how you recycle. Pins that link directly to your web are great for driving traffic to your site and giving your images exciting titles will increase the chances of people clicking on them.
  • Create useful, interactive pin boards. When you create a pin board, it is best to collate a selection of brightly coloured images with individual impact, yet they must also work well together as a whole. Use your own pictures to avoid any legal issues, make sure they are of a high quality and as interesting as possible.
  • Promoting your company’s products in a “non-pushy” way works well on Pinterest. If your company sells swimwear, why not pin images of antique swimwear and beach toys or accessories?
  • Open your boards for interaction: getting you customers to pin pictures can do wonders for your site traffic.

(Image courtesy of twobee,

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